About my office

The Hummingbird Law Office was established in May, 2010 by Remi Shiraki who have 3 years experience in Tanaka Law Office and 2 years experience as in-house lawyer and compliance staff in financial companies such as BNY Mellon Asset Management Limited and PCA Asset Management Limited.
From such background one of my practice area is business laws such as Company Law in Japan and financial laws and regulations including Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. I will provide legal and compliance support business as well as giving advices concerning Japanese laws and regulations.

From the establishment of my office, I have had many opportunities of dealing with family  cases such as divorce and child matters. Although domestic violence cases are complecated especially for non-Japanese speaker, but I have experiences about this field.

As my advocacy activities, I work for the handicapped people who committ a crime. My dream

We prepare for the cases of child abduction according to the Hague Convention. Due to my language skills, many of my clients are from many countries.
I am really happy to support you in Japan.

Remi Shiraki