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This is a translation of information announced by Sendai City at 4 pm.
16:00 pm
Sendai City
* Tsunami warning is still issued. Stay away from seaside area.
* Sendai city is making the best effort to keep foods and water but there is shortage of food in shelter. Cooperation for share of food. If you can take food, water or blanket to shelter, please take them.
*Nurseries which are available can take care of children, however meal may not be supplied to them because of shortage of food.
Medical information
Sendai City Hospital accept only patients who need first aid. Give priority to critically ill patients.
9 am to 5 pm but if you need emergency treatment, you would be accepted beyond the clinic hours.
All the inpatients who have been hospitalized before the earthquake are safe.
Medical treatment for Mildly ill patients
Sendai Open hospital
5-22-1Tsurugaya Miyagino-ku
tel 022-252-1111
JR Sendai Hospital
1-1-5 Itsutsubashi, Aoba-ku
tel 022-266-9671
Kohnan Hospital
4-20-1 Nagamachi-minami, Taihaku-ku
tel 022-248-2131
Sendai Red Cross Hospital
2-43-3 Yagiyama Honmachi, Taihaku-ku
tel 022-243-1111
Tohoku KouseiNenkin Hospital
1-12-1 Fukumuro, Miyagino-ku
tel 022-259-1221
Nagamachi Hospital
3-7-26 Nagamachi, Taihaku-ku
SDF Sendai Hospital
1-1Minaminometate, Miyagino-ku
Nakajima Hospital
15-27, Okaji Miyagino-ku
Sendai Kyukan Center
64-12 Funacho, Wakabayashi-ku
Today(12) from 14:00 pm to 23:00 pm
Tomorrow (13) 9:45 am to 23:00 pm
Gas is not provided all the area in Sendai City. Please do not fail to tighten the gas for safety.
Water supply facilities
Dainohara Sinrin Park
Hirose Elementary School
Kitarokubancho Elementary School
Saiwaicho Citizen Center, Fukumuro Elementary School, Higashi-Sendai Elementary School
Haracho Elementary School, Tsurugaya-Higashi Elementary School
Minami-Koizumi Elementary School, Rokugo Junior High School, Shichigo Elementary School,
Furujiro Elementary School, Okino-Higashi Elementary School
Shiromaru Elementary School, Nishi-Taga Junior High School, Yagiyama Elementary School,
Waterworks Bureau, Tohoku Institute of Technology, Taihaku Elementary School
Oritate Elementary School, Moniwadai Elementary School
Shogenchuo Elementary School, Nankoudai Elementary School
If your area suffered Tsunami, do not drink well water.
Sendai City provides information in English, Chinese and Korean today(12 March).
022-265-2471 , 022-224-1919
If you leave your home, please do not fail to switch breaker off to avoid fire. If you use candle, please pay full attension earthquake. If you use oilstove, ventilate repeatedly.