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Even if you do not commit any crime nor make any illegal actions, you might be involved in legal trouble such that you unfortunately become victim or come accross an accident. Such legal issue might be complicated because of jurisdiction and applicable law. Furthermore, legal service in English can be provided only by several mid or large-scale law firms and it usually costs high in Japan.
From people in trouble and hurt by dangerous products to small companies fighting against larger competitors, I believe that every client deserves quality legal counsel and a fair chance in the courtroom or other judicial and administrative stages.
With office in Tokyo, Hummingbird Law Office handles wide range of legal matters. I have worked hard over the years to maintain our reputation as a fair and honest law firm that provides excellent legal care for every client we represent.

If you need a legal advice and you are afraid of the consulting fee, you may have a chance to receive free-legal advice for 1 hour. If you are interested in the Free-legal advice, please feel free ask me the schedule and make an appointment by e-mail.

My expertise is diverse and comprehensive. If I represent you in a case, I promise to work closely with you throughout the process. I want you to know that when you have chosen me to represent you, you have someone who has the staying power to see you through the process.

Remi Shiraki


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